Your Reaction

…is paramount.

We are all looking to you.

Should we all freak out? Or just proceed along the same course.

As a leader, you set the tone.

And when situations arise, we look for guidance. For how we should react. For whether we should take cover.

So we must learn to sit with the tension. To see what’s in front of us, and not freak out and react.

Because it’s our reaction people are reading.

My daughter has been throwing tantrums the last few days. The smallest little thing can lead to an eruption.

And as it turns out, she’s testing me. Shes pushing me to give in. Trying to be the squeaky wheel.

She’s waiting to see how I will react. And when I don’t?

She slowly starts to quiet down and submit. She starts to follow in line once the tone has been set.

Leaders unknowingly set the tone everyday. Choosing what to react to and what to ignore.

And we all follow in line.

What’s your default reaction?

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