Taking Initiative

…is a choice.

A choice available to all of us.

But we’ve trained ourselves to wait.  To avoid the risk.  To wait until it’s safe.  Or until we are asked.

But why do we wait?  Why wait when we already know what needs to be done?

It’s safe.  Less chance of getting in trouble.  Less chance of making a mistake.

It’s safer to sit on the sidelines.  It’s safer to not put yourself out there.  It’s the surest way to avoid judgement and blame.

But this form of hiding actually puts us more at risk.

What we are lacking is initiative.  Leaders willing to fail.  Willing to fail because the fear of not trying is greater than the fear of failure.

We will never know what we are capable of unless we give ourselves a shot.  And stop waiting for our turn.

Your turn is there for the taking.  It’s up to you.

You may trip and fall a few times.  We all do.

But it’s the ones that get back up and keep running that we most admire.

Not the spectator.

Step out, and step up.

We need you to take more initiative.

Not later, but right now.

What are you waiting for?


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