Your Reaction

…is paramount. We are all looking to you. Should we all freak out? Or just proceed along the same course. As a leader, you set the tone. And when situations arise, we look for guidance. For how we should react. For whether we should take cover. So we must learn to sit with the tension. […]

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“I don’t know how”

Of course you don’t. And you won’t know until you try. We are rarely good at something the first go round. It takes practice. Failure after failure of getting it wrong, until we learn what works. We didn’t learn to ride a bike by osmosis. We learned by doing. By falling off and getting back […]

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Taking Initiative

…is a choice. A choice available to all of us. But we’ve trained ourselves to wait.  To avoid the risk.  To wait until it’s safe.  Or until we are asked. But why do we wait?  Why wait when we already know what needs to be done? It’s safe.  Less chance of getting in trouble.  Less […]

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