Responsibility and Authority

Authority is given.

Responsibility is taken.

We get stuck waiting to be anointed when the opportunity to do more is right in front of us.

We focus on status and control rather than implied authority – often the most powerful form.

When we step up and take more responsibility, people will in turn look to give us more of it.

But if we wait until we are appointed, we will be there for a while.

It may not be in your wheelhouse.  Someone may not have told you to do it.  And that’s precisely the point.

Don’t wait to be asked.  Do it anyways.  Do it anyways because you want to help.  Because you know it needs to be done somehow.

If we start by chasing authority, and we will be lacking in responsibility.

Instead, quit waiting for someone to give you more control.

Step up and take ownership.  Even if it’s not your responsibility.

The authority will be sure to follow.

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