Does it matter?

Why do we fixate?  Why do we obsess over who’s fault it is?

Most often, it’s an easy way to let our own selves off the hook.  To relieve ourselves of any responsibility.

You spend 3 weeks working on a project at work.  You pour your heart into it – spending every waking hour contributing.

And one of your team members, well…they don’t get into it quite as much.  You end up picking up the slack and carrying the load.

All is well except when the project doesn’t do as well as imagined.

So where does the fault lie?  In your team members lack of effort?  Or in your lack of vision?

What’s an easier pill to swallow?

Naturally, we default towards shifting blame rather than accepting it.

And by taking away any responsibility from ourselves, we hinder our ability to improve and get better.

Sure it may hurt for a minute.

But we will be more resilient in the future.

Stop running.

Stand up and shoulder the burden.  Take the blame.

And now – we can do better the next time.

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