Seeking Control

…is probably the opposite of what we should do.

But in the moments of insecurity and doubt, we cling to it. We reach and grasp in whatever way we can.

And in most cases, we should be giving away the control.

Looking to empower those beneath us.

But stuck in a state of fear, we seek out certainty and control.

Like the new store manager that starts out planning his first party, and ends up taking on more than he can handle because he wants everything to go perfectly.

What starts out with good intentions – throwing a party to impress all of your new co-workers, ends up backfiring.

Rather than ask for the help off others, he starts to alienate new colleagues around him because he has to do everything his way.

It’s easy to forget what it’s like on the the other side the equation.  Stuck on the sidelines – wanting to help, but not being given the chance.

We all wanted to be trusted, and we all want to be empowered.

And yet, when given the opportunity, we mostly give out trust sparingly to others, and try to do it all ourselves.

Meanwhile doing the opposite of what we seek to accomplish.

Pushing us further away as a manager – not closer together as we seek.

Let go of the control, and empower others.

Ironically, when you give away your control and power, you will end up with more of it.

Do you hoard control?  Or give it away?

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