Proximity of Hate

It’s easy to do from a distance.

To demonize, to put down, and to push off hate on someone that has caused us harm.

We jump to conclusions.  And often we assume the worst.

The intent is assumed to be malicious.

And yet, if we really move in closer, there is always more.

Nestled within the hate lies a deeper reason.  A deeper frustration.  And a deeper issue at hand.

Some examples could be a coworker dealing with a mom that is deeply ill or a financial issue at home.  An argument with a significant other can linger for weeks.

All examples of issues that can cause us to react differently than our optimal states.

But instead of taking the time to dig deeper, we are stuck staring at the surface – hating from afar.

And the hate gets carried away by misconceptions.  Continuing to spiral.

Until we challenge ourselves to move in closer.  To see the person for who they really are.

They are like us.

Flawed, lovable human beings just as prone to mistakes and reactions as us.

Stop backpedaling, and instead, walk closer.

Close enough to see through the reasons we were giving ourselves to hate.






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