The Power of a Smile

My daughter was at the park playing as joyfully as could be.  As she started to wonder off a bit, she came by a man resting on the park bench on the overpass park in Downtown Dallas.

Bursting with energy, my three year old daughter smiled at the man, and said, “Hello!! How are you doing??”

Embarrassed for disturbing the man, my wife quickly rushed over to utter some form of an apology.

Instead, the man stood up, smiled himself, and said, “Thank you.  Kind of having a rough go at it.  She’s the first person to say hello to me today.”

It makes you take a step back.

And realize how powerful an interaction can be.

A smile can reroute someone’s day.  It can provide that shed of hope – that reminder of that we aren’t alone in the world.

Because we all struggle.

And we need to know we aren’t alone.

Put your phone down, pick your up head, put on a smile and interact.

You might just change someone’s day.




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