2 Types of Mistakes

Mistakes and errors need to be differentiated.  Separated into different boxes.

Because not all are the same.

The attendant working at the store that showed up late 3 days this week because he couldn’t wake up on time to get to work is committing the mistake of lazy.

Or the manager that upsets a customer that’s been mistreated because she doesn’t want to take the time to understand the situation.  Rather just quote policy.

A generous mistake on the other hand is how we move forward.  It’s how we grow and improve.

The marketing director that tries a new approach on social media in an attempt to make things better and traffic drops off substantially.

Or the assistant manager that steps out of her role to try and help plan a party because her manager is overwhelmed.  In the process, more people show up to the party than expected, and there isn’t quite enough food for everyone.

These are examples of a generous mistake.

It revolves around intent.

Are you trying to make things better?  Or are you taking the easy way out?

As leaders, we have to differentiate between the two.

Because we are all afraid.  No one wants to make mistakes.

But in order for our organizations to grow and improve, we have to.

So we have to encourage failure.  Just make sure it’s the right kind.

Focus on intent.

Not the result.

Generous or lazy?


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