…can be described as the absence of feeling.

This can seem like a state of mind we long for.  A state of mind in stark contrast to the one that can cause so much turmoil and pain.

We spend the day in thought.

Worrying about the future.  Ruminating about the past.  All forgetting about the present.

So when we finally get a minute to ourselves, what happens?

That ruminating and worrying start to creep back in.

And we want to run from it.  We don’t want to experience the negative emotions.  We don’t want to feel.  We don’t want the insecurities from the day to creep back in.

So we don’t even give ourselves the chance.  Instead, we want to feel safe, so we numb.

Forgetting all the while what we could be giving up as a result.

Where do you run for comfort?

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