How will you respond?

Mistakes happen. All the time. And the more we work the prevent them, the more robotic and less human our services and products become. What if, instead, we focused on our response? What if we focused on making sure every “mistake” was an opportunity to showcase our ability to make it right. Our differences don’t […]

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A little spark

“From a little spark may burst a flame” – Dante Alighieri It can start small.  Just a little extra push can go a long way. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut.  In a routine in which we repeat the same monotonous pattern day after day. We know we are capable of more – we […]

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Responsibility and Authority

Authority is given. Responsibility is taken. We get stuck waiting to be anointed when the opportunity to do more is right in front of us. We focus on status and control rather than implied authority – often the most powerful form. When we step up and take more responsibility, people will in turn look to […]

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Should I do this or that? Send another email or pick up the phone and have that difficult conversation? We are faced with these decisions daily. Easy or hard? Short or long term? We tend to default – to fall back on what we are comfortable with. And focus on the trivial. Leaving the hard […]

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Does it matter? Why do we fixate?  Why do we obsess over who’s fault it is? Most often, it’s an easy way to let our own selves off the hook.  To relieve ourselves of any responsibility. You spend 3 weeks working on a project at work.  You pour your heart into it – spending every […]

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Differentiating Priorities

is a valuable, underappreciated skill. Looking at 3 or 4 tasks ahead of you, and can you pick out what’s most important? Should you finalize the marketing plan you have been working on for 6 months?  Or return an email from a sales representative on a product you might be interested in down the line? […]

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Seeking Control

…is probably the opposite of what we should do. But in the moments of insecurity and doubt, we cling to it. We reach and grasp in whatever way we can. And in most cases, we should be giving away the control. Looking to empower those beneath us. But stuck in a state of fear, we […]

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