Following the map

…is merely sticking to a set of instructions.

There is little variety.  Little uncertainty.  The map makes clear where we need to go.

But when everyone has a map, we lose our advantage.

Anytime everyone knows how to do something, it is less valuable.

A compass, on the other hand, isn’t so specific.  It isn’t so straightforward.

You have an idea of which way you need to go, but left to you own devices to navigate the terrain.

It’s more nuanced.  More figuring out along the way.  Less certain.

But if we can take the leap and figure it out, we are in a league of our own.  Few others will navigate the challenge – electing to search for a road map instead.

Set down the map.  Follow your compass.

The path is let certain, but the ride will be worth it.

Where is your true north?

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