The Here & Now

Most of the day spent lost in thought.

Wrestling with what might be.  Or ruminating over mistakes made in the past.

Rather than just being present.  In the here and now.

Engaging, listening, conversing, and giving your full self.

It’s so easy these days – how often are you sitting down with your child either surfing your iPhone or just lost in thought?  Or sitting with a colleague only to be thinking about a comment made in that meeting?  Or the interaction with a customer that has you rattled?

We get stuck focusing on everything else.  We forget what’s truly important – the present.  The here and now.

The struggle is greater wrestling with the anticipation leading up to the big speech, then we actually experience being in that moment.  The moment tends to be thrilling.  It’s the before and after that causes such pain and anguish.

The struggle often comes from processing and anticipating.

And instead of getting stuck in your own head, we should center ourselves on the moment.  And focus on how we can contribute in the present.

Time is fleeting.  Don’t let life pass you buy.

The here and now is the only way we start rewriting our past and changing our future.

What’s your story?


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