Give It Away

Don’t hoard it.

We get stuck clinging to the little power that we have.  Believing it’s finite.

If we give away too much, we think we will lose all of ours.  Rather than seeking to empower others, we build walls to safeguard ourselves.

All the while, accomplishing the opposite of what we intend.

When we hoard power, seek perfection, and keep all the credit, we create a divide.  We lose the respect of those that serve with us.  And the dynamic shifts away from the partnership to distance foe.

What if instead of guarding our power, we gave it away?

Rather than micromanaging at every turn, we seek to empower.  We look to push authority down to others.

And rather than preventing every mistake and striving for perfection, we give others latitude to fail.  And latitude to learn.  To grow from the experience.  And being quick to  give them all the credit when it does work.

Be the leader you would want to serve.

Not the one you fear and avoid.





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