Either For or Against

The boundaries have become so black and white – leaving little room for gray area in the middle.

We seek to divide.  Rather than bring together.  Pointing out the differences rather than seeking out the commonalities.

The gulf is widening between us.  And it’s all by our own doing.

And it starts with choosing sides.

Rather than listening with an open heart, we come ready to battle with more rhetoric.

Instead of seeking out contrasting opinions, we surround ourselves with common ones.

Leaving our perspective unchecked.

And It’s not helping.  Because the lines aren’t as clear as we seek.

We’ve simplified down to for or against.  But is it ever that black and white?  Is it ever that easy?

What happened to being in the middle?

Sitting from the nuanced position of seeing both sides – and seeing the merits for each.

Put the judgement aside.  Open your heart and listen.  We just might be able to slow the rising tide.


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