The Voice Inside Our Head

…isn’t us.

It doesn’t define us.  It doesn’t determine who we are.

It’s not what goes on inside our head that matters, it’s what ends up getting shown to the world that truly defines us.

The voice is uncontrollable.  An annoying little pest racing back and forth.  Seeking to lead you astray and off course.  But only if we listen.

Instead, it’s about action.  It’s about what we do with the voice in our head that truly matters.  Your thoughts don’t control you, and they don’t define you.  Unless you let them…

We all have crazy thoughts.  We all have ideas run through our head that seem bizarre.  Sometimes even dark.

But just because we think it – it doesn’t change or define who we are.

We don’t control our thoughts, but we can control our reaction to those thoughts.

Having a negative thought doesn’t mean you are a negative person.  Or having a happy and helpful thought doesn’t necessarily mean you are a helpful person.

It’s what you put in to action.  What you ship into the world.

Stop listening to the voice in your head.

We can’t see your thoughts.  Only what you do with them.

Get back to work and focus on showing us who you truly are.




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