“How To” Culture

Do you really think we need another how to?

We see headlines all over the web, pushing some form of way oversimplified advice -“Do these 8 things to be successful” or “10 things all billionaires do.”

We get caught up focusing on the how to.  We run towards trying to focus on the steps to completion – searching for the road map.  Because once we know how it’s done, we can certainly do it.

And yet, we are more anxious, depressed, and stressed than any previous generation, leading to the highest rates of opioid addiction and obesity on record.

And we seem to be a nation lost – lost in discovering where to find ourselves.  Struggling with how to cope.  And with how to overcome.

Which leaves us always searching for how.

But is the how what’s missing?  You can look up how to do anything on the internet, and learn how to do something on a moments notice.

We don’t need anymore how to.  It’s not working.

We need purpose.  We need to focus on our why.  And we need to tweak our motives.

Because in order to take that next step, it doesn’t require anymore instruction.  It takes drive.  It takes the want and the desire.

And it takes work.  Real work.  Showing up day in and day out.  Reading what you have read and actually putting it into action.

It’s not easy, but it is simple.

Start with why.  End with how to.

Only in that order will we develop the fortitude to stick with it.

Because we only get better by sticking with what is hard.

Not running from it.

What is your why?

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