Low Hanging Fruit

It’s a natural tendency.  To go for the easy.  To play it safe.

We don’t go for the low hanging fruit for the challenge.  We go for the certainty.

And as long as there is low hanging fruit, why do more than necessary?

And herein lies the issue – we don’t step out of our comfort zone until we are pushed.  And yet by the time we are pushed, it may be too late.

If we challenge ourselves to reach just a little higher up, we start to develop.  We develop more strength, more experience, and the know how.

And this allows us to reach just a little higher up than yesterday.

Because we have put the work in.  We have built and developed the skill.

And now what used to seem out of reach, is now just some ordinary, low hanging fruit.

Our equilibrium is re-calibrated, and the fruit within reach seems plentiful.

But what if, instead, we only ate low hanging fruit?  And only ate what was easy – never challenging ourselves to reach higher?

By playing it safe, we are actually taking a risk.

A risk that there will always be low hanging fruit.  That it will always be within our reach.

Until it isn’t.

Will you be ready?



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