Following the map

…is merely sticking to a set of instructions. There is little variety.  Little uncertainty.  The map makes clear where we need to go. But when everyone has a map, we lose our advantage. Anytime everyone knows how to do something, it is less valuable. A compass, on the other hand, isn’t so specific.  It isn’t […]

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The Here & Now

Most of the day spent lost in thought. Wrestling with what might be.  Or ruminating over mistakes made in the past. Rather than just being present.  In the here and now. Engaging, listening, conversing, and giving your full self. It’s so easy these days – how often are you sitting down with your child either […]

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Give It Away

Don’t hoard it. We get stuck clinging to the little power that we have.  Believing it’s finite. If we give away too much, we think we will lose all of ours.  Rather than seeking to empower others, we build walls to safeguard ourselves. All the while, accomplishing the opposite of what we intend. When we […]

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Either For or Against

The boundaries have become so black and white – leaving little room for gray area in the middle. We seek to divide.  Rather than bring together.  Pointing out the differences rather than seeking out the commonalities. The gulf is widening between us.  And it’s all by our own doing. And it starts with choosing sides. […]

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Staring at Mortality

Some of us are forced to deal with it. Some of us aren’t. But the feedback we receive from dancing with this feeling rings similar for all. It’s fraught with feelings of impermanence, priorities, friendship, belonging, and legacy. We get so caught up in the moment.  Thinking we know what’s best.  And yet – we […]

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The Voice Inside Our Head

…isn’t us. It doesn’t define us.  It doesn’t determine who we are. It’s not what goes on inside our head that matters, it’s what ends up getting shown to the world that truly defines us. The voice is uncontrollable.  An annoying little pest racing back and forth.  Seeking to lead you astray and off course.  […]

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“How To” Culture

Do you really think we need another how to? We see headlines all over the web, pushing some form of way oversimplified advice -“Do these 8 things to be successful” or “10 things all billionaires do.” We get caught up focusing on the how to.  We run towards trying to focus on the steps to […]

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