The Next World War

…is already underway.

No I am not talking about North Korea.

The threat of mutually assured destruction ought to keep the missiles at bay.  Great way to show power – less practical way to actually assert it.

The war underway isn’t a traditional show of military might.  Rather a battle fought behind the scenes.

Cyber warfare.

We tend to downplay it.  We tend to brush it off as a threat.  And yet – as we look around.  Attacks are coming from every direction.

In case you have been sleeping, your identity was probably stolen just recently with the Equifax hack.

Here in Dallas, we recently had the storm sirens going off all night after they were hacked.

And this is just the latest.  Revelations are starting to surface about 126 million users that were exposed to the ads and content from Russian-linked pages.

Hacking citizens personal online accounts, stealing social security numbers, and exposing passwords are all bad things.  But the impact can be limited to individual consumers.  And not have overarching consequences for the society at large.

And yet as we creep forward – those overarching consequences are becoming more of a reality.

Hacking and cyber warfare that has the ability to affect entire systems.  That has the ability to influence polling results.  Or subtly manipulate voter preferences.

We are increasingly susceptible.  And yet – we turn back.  Back to the old threats.  The traditional powers that be.  The nuclear threats of old.

But is this all a distraction?  A deflection from the true game being played at hand?

State sponsored cyber warfare is already under way.

Can we contain it?



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