The Power of Presence

It’s the simple thing we tend to overlook or take for granted.

How about just giving someone your undivided attention?  Or putting down your phone and actually listening with your full self?

We often find ways to justify – we are good multitaskers and capable of handling 2 things at once.

Until you spend time around your children, and you realize it’s a load of bullshit.  Even they can pick up on it – the distraction and the lack of attention.

My daughter looked at me this weekend after getting in trouble as I searched for reasons that provoked the behavior.  She quickly replied with a mischievous grin, “Dada I was trying to get your attention.”

It was my fault.

I shuttered.  Am I guilty too?  Am I that unaware of it?

The truth is we are all a bit more susceptible than we think.

Take a step back.  Look around, listen and observe.

It’s all going to pass us by.

Unless we start paying a little closer attention to the present.

The here and now is all that really matters.

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