Always Be Kind

You never know the situation of another.

You are probably unaware of the circumstances leading up.

And the real reason is often hidden in the struggles of another issue.

So our impulse is to react.  To fight back.  To make sure we get our point across and win.

But is winning always the point?  Might we be playing the wrong game?

Stay above the moment, and see the bigger picture.

Should we sink down, throw some low blows, and escalate the situation?  All for the sake of winning an argument?

Or can we stay above it?  Hold our reaction, and understand the frustration isn’t about us?  But a reflection of someone or something else?

We all struggle.  All the time.

And it’s in those moments of struggle that we tend to lose ourselves.

Don’t make it into something more than it is.

Be gentle.  Be kind.  We all deserve the benefit of the doubt from time to time.

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