“It’s Too Hard”

My daughter has a new phrase that has become a default for anything that requires a little extra willpower to complete.

“It’s too hard.”

It’s the tension between what we want to do and what actually is.

The more we reach for something – the farther away it seems.

It’s as if we think we can wish it away.  Wish away the tension created.  And wish away the challenge in front of us.

She’s waiting for me to bail her out.  To run away from the discomfort of having to do something she prefers not to.

But rather than running from the tension, we learn to welcome the tension.  The tension that is created anytime we aren’t good at something.

I can see the fight going on it her head.  I can see the struggle to push away the discomfort.

And instead of letting her run from it, I push her back towards it.  Back towards that discomfort of inadequacy.

You don’t learn to ride a bike by running away from it.  Or by using your willpower to make it so.  You learn by getting on the bike, falling over, and getting back up again.

Don’t be a spectator on the sidelines.

Jump in.

It’s only hard at first.




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