Finding Joy

We plan vacations.  We plan getaways.  We look to escape the day to day to find joy.

Just a little reprieve from the daily stresses and nuances.

So we wait.  We wait to have fun until we are away.  Wait until the time is right.

But kids can serve as such a reminder to find the joy in the small moments.

The unfettered curiosity that can lead to a smile so infectious that it lights up others.  Or the made up game of tag that leads to a burst of laughter.

It’s all right there.  All at our finger tips.

And yet – the more we grasp, the more it seems so fleeting.

Instead of searching, we just need to be in the moment.  Unburdened by the past and future.  Be present.  Be curious.

And the child like joy will poke it’s head back in.

But probably when you least expect it.  So be ready.



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