The Middle Ground

We are pushed to the corners – fighting at the edge of both extremes.

Lionizing those with us, and demonizing those against.

Right versus left.  Black versus white.

Drawing a line in the sand and pointing at the divide.

But what if the divide were exaggerated?  What if the edge of the divide became frayed?

Could we find our way back to the middle?  Back to the starting point of where the division all began?

Because what we seek and what we strive for are often one in the same.  For you and for I.

On the right and on the left.  Either for or against.

We fight, we argue, we banter.

And we forget why we care in the first place.

It turns out we all strive for similar gains.  And yet we label it something different.

Here in the middle ground sits the values we are deem important – virtue, equality, prosperity, joy, love, and hope.

Quit searching for and highlighting the divisions, and instead seek out the commonalities.  The place where the divisions fall aside and the similarities come to be.

Where is your middle ground?

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