The Next World War

…is already underway. No I am not talking about North Korea. The threat of mutually assured destruction ought to keep the missiles at bay.  Great way to show power – less practical way to actually assert it. The war underway isn’t a traditional show of military might.  Rather a battle fought behind the scenes. Cyber […]

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The Power of Presence

It’s the simple thing we tend to overlook or take for granted. How about just giving someone your undivided attention?  Or putting down your phone and actually listening with your full self? We often find ways to justify – we are good multitaskers and capable of handling 2 things at once. Until you spend time […]

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Always Be Kind

You never know the situation of another. You are probably unaware of the circumstances leading up. And the real reason is often hidden in the struggles of another issue. So our impulse is to react.  To fight back.  To make sure we get our point across and win. But is winning always the point?  Might […]

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Victim Mentality

…is when “a person tends to recognize themselves as a victim of the negative actions of others, and to behave as if this were the case in the face of clear evidence.” It becomes pervasive, and it spirals. Growth becomes stunted as the push to change diminishes. Because change come from mistakes.  It comes from […]

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“It’s Too Hard”

My daughter has a new phrase that has become a default for anything that requires a little extra willpower to complete. “It’s too hard.” It’s the tension between what we want to do and what actually is. The more we reach for something – the farther away it seems. It’s as if we think we […]

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Finding Joy

We plan vacations.  We plan getaways.  We look to escape the day to day to find joy. Just a little reprieve from the daily stresses and nuances. So we wait.  We wait to have fun until we are away.  Wait until the time is right. But kids can serve as such a reminder to find […]

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The Middle Ground

We are pushed to the corners – fighting at the edge of both extremes. Lionizing those with us, and demonizing those against. Right versus left.  Black versus white. Drawing a line in the sand and pointing at the divide. But what if the divide were exaggerated?  What if the edge of the divide became frayed? […]

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