Long or Short?

We grapple with the immediate versus the long term on a daily basis in our lives.

Do I choose short term satisfaction faction or long term success and fulfillment?

Am I concerned with how I am feeling now?  Or how I will feel later on?

It can be a constant back and forth.

And increasingly, it gets harder to focus on the long term.  We are hit from every direction with distractions, stimuli, and entertainment.  Text message here.  Facebook notification there.  Another retweet.

If the short is your game, it’s almost impossible to resist.  If you are constantly paying attention to how you are feeling or what you want in the moment, you will very often opt for the short.

But what we tend to lose sight of is how the short game translates over time into what becomes the long term.  What you do today determines who you will be tomorrow.  And it becomes a compounding effect.

Just like 3 percent interest year over year can balloon into a huge savings and cushy retirement, the daily decisions today can pay huge dividends for us later in life.

But it’s about making the right daily decisions because those decisions will compound – good or bad.

Decide in advance whether you are going long or short.  The short game is easier and requires less discipline.  It’s what most of us opt for.

But the long game – it’s where we all want to be.  It’s more fulfilling and more rewarding.

Is the compound effect going to work in your favor?

Long or short?

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