Standing on the Sidelines

…is a choice.

It’s a choice we make because it’s easier.

Being in the position of the spectator is safe.  No fear of being judged.  No threat of making a big mistake and being ridiculed.

Instead – we are in the position of judging others.  Pointing at what they could have done better or where they need to improve.


But while standing on the sidelines is safer, it’s also less thrilling.  It’s less of a roller coaster.  Less of a rush.

The other choice is to participate.  To throw ourselves in and deal with the potential of failure.  It’s where the fun is actually had.

Because it’s actually the threat of failure that brings us to life.  It’s what pushes us to improve – what makes us feel alive.

It’s the what if.  Dealing with the feeling that it might work.  And that at the same time, it might not.

Which is why, most of us choose to spectate.

We can’t stomach the uncertainty.  Unless we are merely just a spectator.

Because it puts us on the hook.  On the hook if we fail.  On the hook if we stumble and fall.  And yet, we focus purely on what could go wrong.  We forget about the possibility of knocking down the game-winning shot.

The thrill comes from the uncertainty.  It’s why we ride roller coasters.  It’s why we love seeing a NFL game coming down to a 2 minute drill at the end of game.

The irony is we look for uncertainty and the thrill, yet we end up settling for the safe.

But are we missing out on by watching it from afar?



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