Never enough

Will it ever be?  Will we ever be content? Or will we always strive to do more and have more? I guess it depends on what you have defined as more? More prestige?  More recognition?  More wealth?  More fame? When we define enough as being an external measure – we will always be striving.  It […]

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Long or Short?

We grapple with the immediate versus the long term on a daily basis in our lives. Do I choose short term satisfaction faction or long term success and fulfillment? Am I concerned with how I am feeling now?  Or how I will feel later on? It can be a constant back and forth. And increasingly, […]

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Standing on the Sidelines

…is a choice. It’s a choice we make because it’s easier. Being in the position of the spectator is safe.  No fear of being judged.  No threat of making a big mistake and being ridiculed. Instead – we are in the position of judging others.  Pointing at what they could have done better or where […]

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