Status Anxiety

Creeping in seems to be this feeling of inadequacy.  That what we are doing just isn’t quite good enough.

Oh, you aren’t a millionaire, and you are already 25?  You must be behind the times.

Time to catch up.  Time to create a company that can scale to a billion users.


But as a society, are we starting to miss the mark?

Are we starting to over inflate the idea?

We tend to glorify business success.  We put it up on a pedestal that everyone should constantly be striving for.

And it creates this status anxiety.  This anxiety that we aren’t doing good enough.  That we aren’t smart enough.  And that something is wrong with us.

But when did creating million dollar companies suddenly become the norm?  When did it become just what was expected?

Is fame and success really what matters?  Is it what we should be aiming for?

What’s important to you?  Who do you want to be?

Take a step back and put down the measuring stick.

Life is too short to be running the wrong race.



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