The Problem with Matching

We get stuck in our own silos.  And we don’t get exposed to an array of point of views.

We don’t seek out what’s uncomfortable.  Instead we seek out what we already know.

So we stay in our bubbles.  Not venturing into unknown territory like we used to.

But the lack of exposure to contrasting views and cultures drives us to division.  It pushes us apart.  We think our way is the only way – as if there is a definite script on how to live.

So we surround ourselves with others with similar points of view, and steer clear of those in opposition.

Without some sort of exposure to contrast, we lose touch.  We lose touch of the others view point.  We lose touch on where we might be wrong.

The matching allows us to be more certain – however false that certainty may be.  Because we can seek out information to reinforce our beliefs.  And avoid anything that contradicts.

And thus we become stuck – on opposite ends of the spectrum.  Both sides ever more convinced of their certainty.  Alleviating any need to reach across the aisle.

We lose the need to listen, learn, and be empathetic with the other side.  Only doing so with our own kind.

Because when we are certain, we already know the answer, right?



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