Shared Experience

We all trip and stumble. We all tend to fall down from time to time.

But what we are going through probably isn’t all that unique.

There are 7 billion people in this world. And still, we tend to want to think we are a special snowflake — and the problems we are having are one of a kind.

Odds are though — someone else in the world has been through it already. They have suffered a similar fate as you.

And often — we treat it as a negative. Rather, I think it is liberating.

To know that someone else has been through it — it lets us know we can make it through. And that we all suffer through our ups and downs.

Most importantly, it lets us know we are not alone.

No matter how down you feel, just remember the shared experience. And no matter how bad it gets, someone in the world has probably made it through.

And so can you.

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