Fault, Blame, and Responsibility

These are divisive times.  The internet makes it so much easier to offload fault, blame, and responsibility.

In fact, it encourages it.

We pay more attention to the outrage.  To the blame being spewed.  To the one sided point of view that doesn’t take into consideration that maybe there is another side to the story

We focus on the negative.  On who to blame and who’s fault it was.

But does that really matter?

Fault is something that is in the past.  It’s an occurrence that cannot be changed.  And blame – takes us out of the drivers seat.  It means we aren’t in control.

Responsibility, though, that’s a little more interesting to me.

If you are mugged, it’s probably not your fault.  You didn’t have any control over the person attacking you and demanding your personal items.

But it is your responsibility to deal with it.  To deal with the aftermath, the reaction, and the consequences.

And too often, we focus on the action.  The fault.  The consequence.

What if instead, we focused on what can be done.  The future action.  The responsibility.

If you accept the responsibility for it all, you can start working to change it.

Rather than focus on who’s fault it is you are mugged, you can start focusing on steps you could take to avoid it in the future or ways to deal with it in the present.

Maybe avoid the alley way.  Or ensure you have a buddy that walks with you late at night.  Or maybe avoid venturing out in the night altogether.  Or add some pepper spray to your key chain.

The minute we put down the blame, and stop worrying about who’s at fault, we start to gain control again.

We put ourselves back in the driver seat.

Because your future really is in your hands.  Of course there will be some roadblocks along the way.  Some things that happen that aren’t your fault.

But blaming doesn’t change who’s responsible.

You are.





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