The Modern Antidote to Stress

Distraction. It’s anywhere and everywhere. Never before has it been so easy to run away.  To run away from the feeling.  To submerge ourselves in something that frees us from having to deal with it. I constantly catch myself picking up my phone and surfing the news whenever I start to feel challenged.  It’s a […]

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Never Enough

Immediately upon waking up this morning, I started feeling anxious.  Anxious about all of the things I could have done better.  Anxious about the things I need to take care of.  Anxious about needing to improve. And it’s in these moments of stillness and being alone that these feelings seem to be most pervasive.  It’s […]

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Status Anxiety

Creeping in seems to be this feeling of inadequacy.  That what we are doing just isn’t quite good enough. Oh, you aren’t a millionaire, and you are already 25?  You must be behind the times. Time to catch up.  Time to create a company that can scale to a billion users.   But as a […]

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The Problem with Matching

We get stuck in our own silos.  And we don’t get exposed to an array of point of views. We don’t seek out what’s uncomfortable.  Instead we seek out what we already know. So we stay in our bubbles.  Not venturing into unknown territory like we used to. But the lack of exposure to contrasting […]

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Shared Experience

We all trip and stumble. We all tend to fall down from time to time. But what we are going through probably isn’t all that unique. There are 7 billion people in this world. And still, we tend to want to think we are a special snowflake — and the problems we are having are one of […]

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Fault, Blame, and Responsibility

These are divisive times.  The internet makes it so much easier to offload fault, blame, and responsibility. In fact, it encourages it. We pay more attention to the outrage.  To the blame being spewed.  To the one sided point of view that doesn’t take into consideration that maybe there is another side to the story We […]

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Capping the Downside

We leap.  We try something new.  We step out of our comfort zone to make it happen. And immediately we start to doubt ourselves.  We go to the worst case.  We start to think it’s all over. But rather than let your mind run wild thinking the world is over, cap the downside. Think about the […]

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