Get out of your bubble

And experience something new and unknown.

Quit hiding behind what we already know and what feels safe.

We grow by pushing ourselves to jump outside of our comfort zone.

Ironically, technology pushes us back towards our comfort zone.  Technology has become so good at matching – we don’t encounter the same bouts of discomfort that we used to.

And we substitute real social interaction for something digital.  Where we can sit behind the comfort of another screen.  Just in case things get sticky or uncomfortable.  We can avoid the potential for embarrassment.  Or at least hide our reaction to it.

But seeking out comfort all the time, leaves us stuck in place.  It stops us from growing and challenging ourselves.  It leaves us in our comfort zone, doing and repeating things we are already familiar with.  Activities that carry more finite outcomes.

The real work though, the work that matters almost always involves some risk.  It involves a little uncertainty.  And that’s not a bad thing.

Uncertainty is what brings variety and excitement to our lives.


But uncertainty also brings with it fear.

Hence, we retreat and we stay in our bubbles.  Because it’s safe and predictable.  An easy way to avoid the fear.  But avoiding the fear doesn’t quiet it.  It ends up amplifying it.  We become more fearful than before.  Because our fear just gets re-calibrated.

So it’s time to step out of our bubbles and back into the realm of the unknown.

It’s not as scary as you think.



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