Caught up in the moment

I have always prided myself on staying very calm and level headed.

But we all fall from grace at times.

Funny thing is I didn’t even realize what was happening until after the fact.

At a soccer game yesterday, there was a player on the opposing team being aggressive and fouling in an unnecessary manner.  And I lost it.

I started cussing, yelling, and putting on a scene.

I partly wanted him to stop.  And a part of me was probably looking for a little argument.

Clearly – if I honestly wanted to defuse it, there are much better ways of me approaching it.  Yelling typically only adds fuel to the fire.  But in the moment, it feels so good.

In retrospect though, it’s borderline embarrassing.  Even my wife has made comments how I turn into a different person on the soccer field.  I get it – I get wrapped up in adrenaline.  But that doesn’t really justify it.

When you sit and watch as a spectator, it’s clear that it’s emotional.  It seems silly as a bystander just watching.  And it is.

Because we forget how powerful emotions can be.  And when you are in an emotional spiral, it’s hard to keep a level head.  And it’s even harder to slow it down or get out.

And it really serves as a reminder that I need to ease back on the judgement of others at times.  I can stay calm and level headed in most situations in life.  But soccer seems to be a trigger.

And I just tend to excuse my behavior when I am playing soccer.

But I don’t tend to excuse it when others get emotional in everyday life.

Maybe they just have a different trigger.  And maybe they just struggle in different places emotionally.  And maybe it’s in more hurtful ways.

But it certainly doesn’t give me the right to judge.  Especially when I fall from grace as well.

Hold the judgement and lend a helping hand.

We all get emotional sometimes – whether we realize it or not.


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