What are you putting off?

For me, it’s typically what’s most important.

I didn’t say urgent, but important.

It’s the thing that will help change the way we do business.  It’s a 10x increase in operational efficiency.  Or the change in policy that will prevent future problems

Yet, I give myself reasons to wait.  To do it later.  To wait until the right time comes.

And then the urgent email comes flying in.  And now I have a reason.

I can’t possibly work on what’s important when there is a crisis ahead.

And this is the conundrum.  There is always a crisis.  There is always something we can deem more urgent.

But that doesn’t mean we should drop what’s important to deal with the urgent.  The urgent can probably wait a few hours.

Because what you are putting off is actually important.  And it’s precisely the thing you need to attack next.

And the more you wait, the harder it gets.

Stop looking for reasons not to.  And instead look for reasons you should.

What’s the important project you are avoiding?






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