Lionizing Success

I am as guilty as anyone.  Envying those that have amassed riches.

Looking up and modeling after those that have achieved a high level of wealth.

But is wealth really all to strive for?  Is that what leads to a fulfilling life?


Or is it more about the balance?  About a more well-rounded measure of success?

But what type of husband are they?  What type of parent are they?  Are they successful in other parts of their life?  Or have they given up and sacrificed every other part of their life to pursue the riches?

We hear the stories about the billionaires.  About the wealthiest of them all.  And we just inflate their success and their status to a level that may be unjustified.  Do you really want your kids idolizing a billionaire who has been married 3 times?  And is all but estranged from his kids?

I certainly don’t want to discount what it takes to achieve that level of wealth as you don’t become a billionaire without a little bit of brilliance and a ton of hard work along the way

But often, it takes a little bit of luck as well.

And it’s all about context – and understanding the full picture.

Wealth and money are only a small part of what makes a fulfilled and well-rounded person.

We can all achieve success in a particular part of our life if we are willing to sacrifice the rest of it.

But isn’t it more impressive to find a way to balance it all?  To find someone who has achieved wealth and prosperity while still finding the time to be a devoted husband, father, and community activist?

It’s one thing to do this after you have amassed a treasure chest of wealth.

It’s another to do it every step of the way on the way to success.

It’s OK to lionize – just be aware that money isn’t the only thing we should be striving for.


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