What’s Valuable?

Rare and valuable tend to go hand in hand.

Abundance, on the other hand, doesn’t typically translate into a high value.  When something is widely available, it’s easy to find, and thus, it’s not something that typically carries a high cost associated with it.

Something rare though.  Now that is synonymous with value.  Something hard to find.  Hard to replicate.  That’s precisely what makes it valuable.

When it’s something difficult to replicate, it instantly becomes more valuable.  Because it means not many others can do it.  Or maybe aren’t willing to.

As humans, we tend to default to what’s easy though.  The path of least resistance.  We seek out what’s abundant whether it be a job or a skill that we want to attain.  Because we want to avoid the fear and seek out something that seems safe.

We try to walk towards the middle – where the mass mentality comes in.  “I’ll try this because it seems as if everyone else is doing it.”  “Or let me try this job because it seems pretty easy.”  And that leaves us with the wrong approach.  And it leaves us as more of a commodity rather than something or someone rare and valuable.

Thus we become easier to replace and replicate.  Thus driving my value down.  And potentially our wages too.

What if instead, we sought out the activities and challenges that no one else is embarking on.  What if we challenged ourselves to take the road less traveled and walked towards the fear instead.

Seek out the profession that is difficult – merely because we know it makes us more valuable.

Get good at doing things that make us scared because we know that others have to face that same fear that we do.  And most can’t push past it.

If we always seek out what makes us feel safe, we will end up on the side of abundance.

Because what’s valuable is often scary, rare, and hard to replicate.



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