Sticking with it

I was in the elevator headed home yesterday on my way to go for a run.

A guy comes in the elevator, and says, “you look like you are getting ready to work out.”  To which I obviously replied yes, and he responded with a sigh, and uttered his displeasure towards exercising.

And I get it.

It’s not always easy.  It’s not always fun.  There are moments everyday that I want to quit.

And that’s why I don’t.  To build up that muscle and willpower.  To gain the strength to push through when I feel like quitting.

When I am done everyday, it feels so worth it.  And because it’s something I have set out to do, I don’t decide in the moment whether I want to do it.

I made the decision a while back to exercise everyday, and I stick with it regardless of my mood.

In order to grow, we must push the boundary.  We must push ourselves out of our comfort zone.  And we need to push ourselves to do things we don’t necessarily always want to do.

Our mind pushes us towards the easy path, so it does require some persistence.

And the only way of doing that is deciding well in advance what you want to do and the goals you wish to accomplish, and commit.

Do it regardless of how you feel.  Don’t pay attention to whether you are in the mood.

It’s the only way to stick with it.



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