What Doesn’t Show Up in the Economic Numbers.

Not everything can be assigned a dollar amount.  It’s difficult to measure quality of life.

And there is a vast amount of work being contributed and being done that doesn’t show up.  Aside from the advertising revenue it generates.

And some stats about advertising revenue doesn’t really measure how much our lives have changed.  How much more connected we feel.

The ark of the economy is shifting.

Many people have pioneered the term – “connection economy.”

Yet – we still obsess over the numbers.  We obsess over the amount of inequality.

But just speaking about the last few years – think about what doesn’t show up in the numbers?

The connection, the art, and the generous work everyone is putting forth.  We are contributing to each other in ways that cannot be measured.  Because no money is trading hands.

Rather, many are doing it without expecting anything in return.

Happiness is such a fickle thing to measure – it’s not something you can really accurately pick up in a survey.

I often rail against social media and the likes, but I tend to discount the value it has brought.

There is nothing that can replace human to human connection.  Conversation, giving advice, and the sharing of opinions are all deep human needs.  And they can now be met from the comfort of our home.

Sure we may all be contributing less in the economic sense.

But maybe that’s a choice all of us have made.

Maybe we are finally learning how to prioritize what’s really important, and as a result, we are willing to suffer a little productivity growth in the process.

In fact, measuring productivity may be missing the mark altogether.

Not everything shows up in the numbers.

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