The Need to Defend

There is a rather high-profile figure that is receiving a lot of spotlight the last few days for a decision he made to relieve someone from a rather prestigious post.

I leave him nameless because I really hope to leave the political side out of this.

Rather focus on the behavior itself.

Growing up – my parents always preached to me that we should let our actions do the talking rather than through the use of our words.  It was about showing people what I was about in the way I behaved everyday – not telling them what type of person I am.

Because when you hold yourself to a high standard, and you continually keep your head above the fray, you don’t feel the need to tell everyone how good of a person you are.  You know it, and show it in the way you carry yourself.  And everyone else can see it to.

This very thing applies to lying and telling the truth as well.  The people that often feel the need to defend what they said or their actions – are often the very people that have something to defend in the first place.

And as I have gotten older, I have increasingly become suspicious of those that feel the need to tell me how “honest and truthful” they are.  Because to put it simply – if that’s really the case, you won’t feel compelled to tell me.  You just live it instead.

So fast forward to today.

When a high profile figure constantly jumps to justify and defend himself, and repeatedly tell everyone he’s innocent, you know the first thing that comes to my mind, right?

You’re words are meaningless.

Show us in the way you live and treat other people.

And the rest will take care of itself.



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