Did you really hit a triple?

Or did you just start off on third base?

When things go right, we are quick to take all the credit.  And discount the wind blowing in the right direction.

And when things go wrong, the feeling that we are just unlucky starts to creep in.

But luck flows in both directions.  You can’t have the bad without the good.

And too often, we want all the credit.  Forgetting all of the outside factors that helped us get to where we want to be.

The family you are born into, the social connections you develop, the time period you grow up in, and the random events that can stack up all serve as examples of things out of our control that can contribute to our success or failure.

It’s not all or nothing.  But it’s hard to discount that these factors come into play.

So just be grateful – with the successes and the failures.  And be aware enough to look around and give a little credit to where you started out.

And maybe give a little more benefit of the doubt to those that aren’t already standing on third.

Life can be a roller coaster.  It’s a different experience for all of us.

So don’t forget where you came from and how you got there.

There isn’t anything wrong with getting a head start and starting out on third base.  Just be grateful for it.

Because not everyone gets the benefit of a head start.

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