Inherently Good

Too often, we start out from the wrong side.

We assume the worst.  We subscribe to this notion that strangers and outsiders are evil and out to get us.  It’s this idea that we think people are scheming against us.

And this leads us to constantly be suspicious.  To always be on the lookout for someone trying to take advantage.

What if, instead, we looked for the good?  What if we started out with the idea of giving people the benefit of the doubt?

It’s not that you won’t ever get taken advantage of.  There are always a few outliers.

In general though, there are far more people trying to do right in the world than those that aren’t.  And we lose so much by catering our style to the few bad apples.

It’s turns out that it’s hard to see the encounter for what it is when you are constantly standing on guard and assuming the worst.

But the worst case scenario hardly ever comes true.  And people aren’t inherently evil.

So instead, let’s try the opposite approach.  Let your guard down, and look for the good.

You might just be surprised for the better.


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