Too much noise

There is more to do and consume than ever before. And so many of us are getting wrapped up and overwhelmed by this.  Because it requires an extra level of discipline. It requires more scrutiny.  More careful deliberation about what’s actually important and what is just distraction. And often, we end up overloaded.  We succumb […]

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Get out of your bubble

And experience something new and unknown. Quit hiding behind what we already know and what feels safe. We grow by pushing ourselves to jump outside of our comfort zone. Ironically, technology pushes us back towards our comfort zone.  Technology has become so good at matching – we don’t encounter the same bouts of discomfort that […]

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Caught up in the moment

I have always prided myself on staying very calm and level headed. But we all fall from grace at times. Funny thing is I didn’t even realize what was happening until after the fact. At a soccer game yesterday, there was a player on the opposing team being aggressive and fouling in an unnecessary manner. […]

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It’s not about how you feel

It’s about what we want to accomplish.  The goals we have set for ourselves. If you want to stick with something, you have to forget whether you are feeling motivated or in the mood. Decide in advance, and do it regardless. Sure we are tired.  We aren’t in the mood.  We aren’t feeling motivated.  We tell […]

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What are you putting off?

For me, it’s typically what’s most important. I didn’t say urgent, but important. It’s the thing that will help change the way we do business.  It’s a 10x increase in operational efficiency.  Or the change in policy that will prevent future problems Yet, I give myself reasons to wait.  To do it later.  To wait […]

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Lionizing Success

I am as guilty as anyone.  Envying those that have amassed riches. Looking up and modeling after those that have achieved a high level of wealth. But is wealth really all to strive for?  Is that what leads to a fulfilling life?   Or is it more about the balance?  About a more well-rounded measure […]

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What’s Valuable?

Rare and valuable tend to go hand in hand. Abundance, on the other hand, doesn’t typically translate into a high value.  When something is widely available, it’s easy to find, and thus, it’s not something that typically carries a high cost associated with it. Something rare though.  Now that is synonymous with value.  Something hard […]

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