Time Well Spent

I stumbled across this non-profit, Time Well Spent, listening to the founder, Tristan Harris, on a podcast the other day. And it caught me at the right time.  This is something I have recently been struggling with in my own life.  I have started to become more aware of how tethered and stuck to my phone I always […]

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Seeing the Road Ahead

It turns out this is a valuable skill.  And it is learn-able. Being able to anticipate problems before you need to start pumping the brakes can greatly reduce the likelihood of you getting in a car wreck. Many scan the road ahead as they drive – peering out 100 yards down the road in front of […]

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Read Between the Lines

Part of the ability to listen comes from reading between the lines.  And decoding signals. Most messages we receive are not a direct indication of one’s true feelings. We have a tendency to place an overemphasis on the words that are being spoken.  And not enough on the actual meaning and message behind it. Many […]

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Mass Mentality

“When you find yourself in the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain It can be so tempting.  To get sucked in to following what everyone else is doing.  It becomes easier to justify to ourselves. Right now – most people spend on average an hour or more on facebook and […]

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Child-like Excitement

That excitement.  Regardless of whether it’s been 5 minutes or 3 days – it’s same level of joy expressed by my kids when they greet me at the door. A level of enthusiasm so infectious. But why?   Are they just not smart enough to know the difference? I would argue a little different. Instead […]

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It’s not for you

If you try and please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one. Because we are all different.  We all have different world views, beliefs and interests. Which makes it impossible to create something new and original and not get criticized by someone. So stop trying to appeal to everyone.  And focus on pleasing a […]

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