The Commonality Among Great Leaders

It’s about the way they carry themselves.  Always staying authentic, but very personable in the process.

It’s never about the amount of work spent behind a desk.  Or the number of spreadsheets they cranked out.

It’s the time spent with others.  Engaging, conversing, and listening.

What’s more precious than the quality time spent with coworkers?  Hearing their concerns, ideas and dreams?

Leadership is about connection – it’s the ability to gently nudge others in the direction we seek to go.  All while making them feel central to the mission we are striving to accomplish.

Sure you may ruffle a few feathers in the process, but if you are doing it right, you will have the respect and admiration of all those that really matter.

A great leader doesn’t have to brag or speak about his or her accomplishments.

The people you are leading will take care of that.

Why then, do we spend so much time glued to our technology and stuck behind our desk in the office?

Get out and lead.  Sending that email won’t get you any closer.




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