The Crisis That Lies Ahead


Jobs = disappearing.

Attention Spans = Non-existent.

Learning = time consuming and requiring concentration.

Jobs in the future will be highly skilled, requiring a certain amount of expertise when it comes to interacting with technology.  And that will require the ability to learn quickly.  And learning quickly requires the ability to concentrate for long periods of time without interruption.

At the exact same time this trend is taking place, we have more distractions than ever before.  More places to numb and hide.

Have you ever tried to sit down and focus to only notice 5 minutes later you pulled your phone out of your pocket just to “check” facebook?

Or tried studying for what seemed like an hour – only turning out to be about 15 minutes?

Our ability to concentrate is getting interrupted at every turn.  Notification here.  Notification there.  New like on facebook.  New tag and retweet on twitter.

And it’s killing our attention span and ability to concentrate.

Yet – our world is changing in a more rapid manner than ever before.  Staying knowledgeable requires constantly learning.  And in this day and age, we seem to forget knowledge is attained.  It’s not given to us.  It’s something we seek out.

And artificial intelligence is starting to be introduced into the professional services realm – which typically has housed the more skilled jobs (Think doctors, lawyers, etc.).

Facebook changed it’s algorithm for the news feed last month.  If you want to keep up, better learn quick because it will change again soon.

Technology invented today – won’t even be around tomorrow, so we must have the ability to adapt quicker than ever before.

And all of the variables are aligning in the wrong direction.  And we aren’t even close to being ready.

See how many people are disillusioned with the state of work and jobs right now?  How many people that feel left behind from the industrial, manufacturing economy?

It’s just getting started.

Are you ready?

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