Seeing Fault

It’s always much easier to find fault than to see the opportunity.

To avoid risk, we constantly look for the reason not to do it.  We constantly search for the blemish in the idea.

The problem is – all great ideas can have a few holes poked in them if you look hard enough.

The iPhone was wrought with reasons it wouldn’t work.  No one ever thought the tax cab industry could be taken on, until Uber.

And AirBnB seemed like a pipe dream.  How could a tiny little startup take on the Marriots and the Hyatts of the world?

If you are searching for fault, you will always be able to find it.

It will always seem risky.  And there is always someone who can find a reason not to go down that road.

But it’s not hard playing it safe.  There’s nothing risky about maintaining the status quo.  You won’t get criticized for following the rest of the market.

The real opportunity it turns out is in seeing clearly.  In being able to objectively weigh the risks versus the rewards.

The ability to see through the faults and blemishes and still see the potential opportunities.

Don’t dismiss the faults altogether.  They are worth paying attention to.

Just don’t be so blinded by the downside, you can’t see through to the opportunity.

The opportunities to create change and make an impact are still endless.

We are just too busy looking for reasons not to take the leap.






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