Seeing the Road Ahead

It turns out this is a valuable skill.  And it is learn-able.

Being able to anticipate problems before you need to start pumping the brakes can greatly reduce the likelihood of you getting in a car wreck.

Many scan the road ahead as they drive – peering out 100 yards down the road in front of them.  Seeing problems well before they arise.

Yet others are stuck staring at the bumper in front of them.  Just anticipating the reaction of their immediate surrounding.

The latter approach doesn’t give you much time to react.  It hampers your ability to change course.  And we start to become a victim of our surroundings.  And more susceptible to the mistakes of others.

If we can see far enough ahead though, it doesn’t matter what anyone else does.  We don’t need to worry about the actions immediately in front of us – we will have time to adapt and correct.

And this isn’t only the case in driving.

When a problem arises or when we encounter a few hiccups along the way in our life or business, we can discharge blame against those immediately around us.

Or we can start to look a little farther down the road.  Scanning the horizon ahead.  And give ourselves more time to adapt when a problem does arise.

One approach depends on the actions of others.

The other returns the power to us.

Can you see what’s down the road?  Or just what’s right in front of you?




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